Create a Marketing Budget & Use It 

You need to spread your brand through every channel possible. Look into all types of advertising. One of the cheapest forms of advertising is maintaining social media profiles. It costs you virtually no money and gives you a platform to speak on your brand. Interact with your customers and build better relationships with them, others will see this and want the same. Make sure your message stays consistent and that you are marketing to the right audience. Yes, the opinions of your elderly clients matter, but do not forget that family members often have a say regarding their choice of care. 

Check out 5 Simple Ways to Market Hospices for more information.

Implement a Referral Program 

If your clients are satisfied with your care, they will be happy to share your information with friends and family. On the other hand, if clients are not satisfied with your care, their friends and family will know what company to stay away from. For this reason, client satisfaction should be your first and ultimate priority. Once your caregiver and the client have made a good bond, it is time to hand them informational packets to share. Have your staff explain the importance of helping others who could benefit from your services. Then, offer a small token of appreciation for any referrals they bring in, such as a $20 gift card. You will be surprised how much faster referrals come in!

Also, consider reaching out to hospitals in your area. Provide them with branded office materials to introduce your hospice. Once you are on good terms with the hospital staff, you can ask to leave informational pamphlets with them. 

Get Recruiting 

Without a staff, you have no business. Without a great staff, you have a failing business. See how much more productive your company could be with 1, 2, …50, extra employees. Then, determine how you can best recruit the staff you need. Would a one on one onboarding process be best or would it be more beneficial to complete as a group? Know how often you should be looking into hiring more people on, don’t wait until you are already struggling to keep up with demand. 

Here are some online resources you can use to post job ads:

  • Indeed – you can create a listing for free with some restrictions or sponsor your posting for at least $5 a day. 
  • Glassdoor – post jobs with a free basic account or pay for a wide variety of packages based on your needs
  • CareerBuilder – offers three packages varying from $219-499/ month  
  • LinkedIn- useful for targeting specific talents, it has a $119.95/ month starting price
  • myCNAjobs – recently ranked to be the best cost to recruit nurses, it is $79/ month after a free trial period

Create Goals

You should know where you want your company to be in the short term and long term. If you continue without a clear finish line, chances are you’ll get lost along the way. Map out what you need to get done this week, this month, this quarter, etc. Make links between your short term and long term goals. Examples of goals could be hiring five new employees by the end of the month, gaining 50 new patients by the end of the year, or increasing profit margins by X% over the next five years. 

Choose the Electronic Medical Record 

Keeping up with numerous staff members and clients can be difficult. How do you ensure that your employees are showing up on time? How do document care that has been given? How do you schedule people for shifts when everyone has their own times of availability? How does billing and payroll work? This is where a great software makes everyone’s lives easier. Automate the entire process so you don’t waste money and time on someone who has to do it for you. 

Choose Elara

Our EMR Solution is designed to track all aspects of patient care including referral, assessment, discharge, and reporting. Elara can help with scheduling, payroll, billing, charting, and so much more. We understand the importance of live customer service and affordable pricing. Elara was designed by nurses to make their jobs easier; take unnecessary pressure off of your staff and try Elara today.