1. Make your patients feel important

Patients should always feel like they come first. If they believe that they are your #1 priority, they will be more likely to overlook any mistakes. Caregivers must be attentive and put their focus solely on the patient. 

2. Explain everything multiple times

When you are dealing with the elderly or those who require special care, it is important to explain what is going on. Detail what you are going to do and why it needs to be done. Get in the habit of explaining things more than once just in case the patient forgets. This is a necessary step to keep your patient relaxed and feeling settled. 

3. Go the extra mile 

Caregivers should not only do what is expected of them, but more. Get to know your client, their likes and dislikes. Do simple things to brighten their day. If you go above and beyond, your patients are more likely to share this with their family members, therefore increasing customer satisfaction scores. 

4. Cut down on wait times 

One of the biggest complaints in hospice is how long patients wait to be taken care of. This leads to frustration and patients feeling unimportant. If a patient indicates that they need help, they should be seen by someone immediately. Quick service will lead to satisfaction, while slow service will lead to discomfort and extremely unhappy family members. 

5. Have a positive attitude 

Patients may be in a bad mood due to the given circumstances. This is your chance to do your best to cheer them up. No matter the condition they are in, always have a positive attitude. Positivity can be contagious. 

6. Train your staff 

Set high expectations for your nurses and caregivers. They are the ones who interact with the patients. Make sure customer satisfaction is their ultimate priority.  

7. Keep your staff happy 

A great way to improve scores is through happy staff members. A happy staff is more likely to do their job right and enjoy it too. If they feel they are treated well by the company they work for, they will want to continue working for you. Look into rewarding employees and offering exceptional benefits.     

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