Truth #1: Hospice Doesn’t Mean Giving Up 

Often times, the term hospice is given a bad reputation. People associate hospice with stopping curative treatments and giving up on life. But the truth is, hospice has nothing to do with giving up. Hospice is not meant to shorten or prolong life, but instead make life comfortable. Recent studies show that those who do go into hospice live longer than those who don’t, helping with symptoms will increase quality of life. 

Truth #2: Hospice Isn’t a Place

There are numerous hospice facilities that take care of patients, but hospice is not a physical place. Hospice is a specific type of care given. It can be provided in a multitude of settings such as a hospital, hospice facility, or even in the patients home. 

Truth #3: Hospice is for Families Too 

End-of-life care helps both patients and their families. Hospice services offer grief counseling and other resources to help cope with the situation. Guidance  will also be provided to help them move on once a loved one has passed. 

Truth #4: Not All Hospices are the Same

While most hospices do offer many of the same services, they are not all the same. Hospices all follow  the same regulations put in place by the state, but offer different types of services and methods. Do some research to find the right hospice for you or your loved one.

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