Requiring your staff to fill out form after form can get tiring. Frustration sets in when they are forced to fill out the same information more than once. Imagine having to do this day in and day out; it would get aggravating, correct? 

The Problem

Did you know that redundant documentation was a top complaint by nurses in multiple hospice groups found on social media? Don’t let your hospice fall into the same pattern, you can do something about this!

The Solution

An Electronic Medical Record is the perfect solution to redundant documentation. An EMR will allow you to record and store information in one place, so it is accessible by all staff.  

Elara EMR

Elara was designed by nurses to make their jobs easier and eliminate redundant documentation. Elara includes clinical forms for hospice and palliative care. There are also over 20 tabs to record patient information: RN, SW, SCC, Aides, etc. Reporting includes patient demographics, clinical, billing, HIS, CAHPS, ICD10, and e-signatures for documentation. Also for visits, there are over 20 tabs dedicated to body assessments.

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