1. Cost versus benefit 

An EMR can be a serious upfront cost. The cost benefits of having an EMR will show over time. It can cut down on documentation and administrative time, therefore your expenses. This does not mean you should purchase the first EMR you look at. A smaller hospice may not need all the functionalities included in some EMRs. If the EMR is too expensive for your hospice, meaning it costs more than the benefits it provides, then you have the wrong EMR for you. Consider taking a look at EMRs that charge by the patient so it is affordable to hospices of all sizes.  

2. Free trial

A great way to try out an EMR is to ask for a free trial or demo. This way, you can log into the EMR yourself, look at the user interface, and decide if you like how everything works. Offering a free trial shows that the EMR has nothing to hide and wants your opinion on all aspects, from functionality to appearance. It should be free so you have nothing to lose except time, but the perfect EMR is worth that investment. 


Make a list of what features you need in an EMR. As you look through different options, keep a record of EMRs that had what you wanted or more. Some features may include, scheduling, billing, payroll, reporting, and documentation. 

4. Compliance and security

An EMR that is HIPAA compliant helps to enforce compliance on your end. Your patient information must remain secure and confidential. 

5. Support 

If you have any questions regarding your EMR, a support team should be right there helping you. Do they get back to you quickly? Are they helpful? Other forms of support to keep in mind are manuals, training, and help screens. Are these readily available or do they come at an extra cost? 

6. Accessibility

Your nurses and caretakers will be traveling around with their devices to utilize your EMR. It is necessary for your EMR to be accessible on every phone, tablet, and laptop. Don’t force your staff to push around a computer all day just so they can access the documents they need. 

Consider Elara

Elara was designed by nurses to provide services specifically for hospice and palliative care. It has all the features you could ask for and more. Elara can save you money, is affordable, complaint, accessible, and offers a free trial. Check out Elara, you have nothing to lose!